• Design 

    Sigenics provides complete turnkey mixed-signal ASIC development and manufacturing services. We work with you throughout every stage of development to turn your design ideas into custom IC solutions that will enable you to differentiate your product in the marketplace. Sigenics becomes part of your engineering team, starting with your device specification and continuing with delivery of your tested application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) devices. 

    Circuit and System Design Expertise

    • - Magnetically-coupled wireless systems
    • - Low power analog sensor signal processing
    • - High voltage and high current drives
    • - Non-standard fabrication processes and post-processing
    • - Obsolete part replacement

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  • engineering

    Sigenics' custom integrated circuits allow you to protect your intellectual property and reduce size, power and assembly cost. In every project venture, our in-house engineering team closely communicates to ensure that our customers' exact parameters are met.  With specialties in analog, mixed-signal, and sensor silicon integrated circuit design, Sigenics can satisfy your technological demands.

    Engineering Expertise

    • - Implantable, magnetically powered medical devices
    • - Biomedical telemetry systems
    • - Interfaces to neural recording and stimulating electrodes
    • - Analog power line drivers and receivers
    • - Low power, high gain precision amplifiers

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  • manufacturing

    Sigenics is a fabless semiconductor company that partners with the best fabrication foundries to finish production for your product. Some of our past fabrication work includes radiation-hardened wafers used in aerospace technology, wafers coated in an assortment of exotic metals, and devices manufactured for medical telemetry projects using high-intensity magnetic fields for power and data transfer.

    Fabrication Expertise

    • - 0.18 micron to 10 micron CMOS (70V)
    • - RF Bipolar
    • - High-temperature CMOS
    • - Automotive BiCMOS
    • - High-voltage Bipolar (to 500V)
    • - Radiation-hardened military CMOS
    • - Post-process exotic metallization of wafers


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